About Us

BASE has turned design ideas into successful structures since 1984.  For over a quarter century, the firm has successfully adapted to the evolving building environment.  Through the decades we have designed over a thousand major building structures with collective construction costs exceeding 10 billion dollars.

The firm has a diverse technical staff that includes 7 registered P.E.’s.  The firm’s registered professional engineers collectively have 99 years of service with BASE.  Longevity of service with the company is the rule.  Creating a stable and sustainable design environment has kept the front door from being a revolving door for our employees.

Integrated Steel Delivery
Finding an ISD team that has the experience and capability to consistently protect project schedules and budgets can mean the difference in success and failure on most building projects.  BASE together with Steel, LLC provide a design-build delivery system that includes the structural design, detailing, fabrication, and erection.  BASE provides the structural design with in-house detailing while Steel, LLC (a Fab South company) provides the steel fabrication and erection.  A properly designed ISD approach must include the following characteristics to succeed:

We have helped our design-build teams win and complete complicated projects ahead of schedule on over a billion dollars of construction in just the past six years.  Let us show you how we can be the cornerstone of success on your next project!

Message From The President

“From the pyramids in Gaza to the spires that crown our cities, structures have always represented the strength of our visions, creativity, intelligence, and aspirations. We can support any load. We can resist any force. We can climb above the clouds. We are proud to be a part of this legacy. We are proud to be structural engineers.” 

Mac Brittingham, P.E.